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For play submissions, we currently accept
  • Unsolicited work from any playwright currently living in Chicago or its immediate environs
  • Agent submissions (no more than 2/agent at a time).  Please contact the AD before submitting
  • Blind submissions if you aren't one of the above (representative pages). We have no dedicated staff and so cannot guarantee to read unsolicited work from non-Chicago playwrights.
For all other positions, please review any job-specific and submission requirements on the submission detail.

Hi all!  I am looking for an assistant director for our production of Hurricane Diane by Madeleine George. And it's coming right up!

The position is paid $1750. You'll be:

  • Attending rehearsals as possible between 5/23 and 6/6
  • Attending all technical rehearsals and previews (6/13-6/26)
  • Taking notes (for me and from you)
  • Running some post-show discussions
  • Run understudy rehearsals (one/week)
  • Run put-in rehearsals (as necessary)

Rehearsals are likely to be afternoon-evening on weekdays (We-Fri) and 10-6 on weekends.


Jeremy Wechsler

Artistic Director, Theater Wit

This page is for invited agent submissions on behalf of your writers only, please :)

Thanks for your interest in submitting your work to Theater Wit.  We only accept electronic submissions (pdf, final draft or rtf) so we can carry them around on iPads, which is the only way we can manage the backlog.  Also, on the subject of backlog, there is no dedicated dramaturgical staff here, so the delay time is currently at least 6 months, for which we apologize in advance.  A few notes:
  • This page is only for playwrights based in Chicago.  If you are an out-of-town writer, please contact Artistic Director Jeremy Wechsler (jeremy at theaterwit dot org) with a query letter.
  • We can only accept one work at a time from you. Pick the one you feel is the best match for Theater Wit. Multiple submissions are therefore ignored. Please don't send us your catalog :)
  • We do not accept works that have already received a full production in the Chicagoland area.  Second productions from out-of-town theaters are a-ok.
If after all those caveats, you're still interested, feel free to submit a copy of your work right here!
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